dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

DIY: Triple trouble with Chocolate Muffins

When I'm bored, I like to cook. But it was too early to already make a dinner meal. And I had a huge craving for chocolate. So I went to the supermarket and bought chocolate muffin mix, chocolate chips and chocolate topping.. As my Step-mother would say; ' Such a sugarbomb!'
Anyway, I thought I deserved it, never the less.
They Turned out great and they taste delicious! 

2 eggs, 50 ml water, chocolate muffin mix, 90 gram butter

chocolate chips

mix and stire 

put it into the paper cups, or a cupcake tray

19 minutes of baking on 175 3D Hot air oven
Let the Chocolate glaze soak in hot water in its container until it's molten and pour it on the muffins.
Let it dry for about half an hour.
Tadaaa, Bon appetite!

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